Alexandra Oliveira

Beneficiary of the Short-term Research Internships at the University of Texas at Austin 2023

Role PhD Student
Affiliation Institution Nova Medical School
Host Institution College of Pharmacy, the University of Texas at Austin
Program Area Nanotechnologies

Short Bio

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedicine and a Master’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Biology, and I am currently a Biomedicine’s PhD student at Nova Medical School in Lisbon. My project focuses on developing a nanostructured drug delivery system aiming to reduce post-glaucoma surgery complications. We aim to achieve a precise, sequential and sustained release of drugs that can control the excessive fibroblast proliferation that happens during the healing process after a surgical intervention.

Work description

My drug delivery system (DDS) is based on the layer-by-layer technique. The end result is a thin film composed of structural, barrier and drug layers able to release drugs across time. During my visit I will learn more about DDSs and about which techniques can be used to study both film growth and release of drugs over time.

Expectations about the Short-term Research Internship

UT Austin has a vast array of professionals with tremendous experience in nanotechnology and nano-systems as well as in drug delivery systems (DDS). By having the opportunity to realize this internship I hope to learn from one of these experts, Doctor Robert Williams, a set of techniques that will help me to better understand how these systems work, allowing me to fine-tune the architecture of my nanostructured DDS to achieve the desired goal: a controlled and sustained release of drugs. 

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Robert O. (Bill) Williams III

Division Head and Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
College of Pharmacy, UT Austin