Joana Antunes

Beneficiary of the Short-term Research Internships at the University of Texas at Austin 2023

Role PhD Student
Affiliation Institution Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon & Laboratory of Instrumentation and Experimental Particles Physics (LIP)
Host Institution Department of Radiation Physics, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Program Area Medical Physics

Short Bio

I am a PhD student and researcher at Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon’s and Laboratório de Instrumentação e partículas (LIP). My research focuses on the use of radiation in diagnostic and therapeutic, in particular on modeling the radiobiological effect of gold nanoparticles in proton therapy of glioblastomas.

Work description

My work will be focused on finding ways to predict the response of pancreatic cancer cells to radiotherapy. My project aims to characterize the response of several pancreatic cancer cell lines to radiation and use this information to develop and validate a genomic signature that is predictable of radiation response.

Expectations about the Short-term Research Internship

With this internship, I hope to acquire new skills and knowledge in the area of medical physics, as the MDACC is a world-renowned center in the field of cancer research. Furthermore, it will enrich my understanding of good research practices and open doors for possible future collaborations.

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