Nicholas A. Peppas

Nicholas A. Peppas is a professor in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Pediatrics, Surgery and Pharmacy at the University of Texas at Austin. His group has developed new drug delivery systems for oral, buccal, sublingual and gastrointestinal delivery of drugs, peptides and proteins. 1,700 publications, IF of H=192 (173,000 citations). Numerous US patents issued or pending, 3 start-up companies. Research in biomaterials, drug delivery, and bionanotechnology blends modern molecular and cellular biology with engineering principles to design next-generation medicines and devices. Awards include NAE Founders Award, NAM Adam Yarmolinsky Award, AAPS Global Leader and Distinguished Pharmaceutical Scientist Awards. Peppas is a member of seventeen Academies including NAE, NAM, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Academy of Inventors, Academia Europaea, International Academy of BME, Canadian, Academy of Engineering, Indian National Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Korean Academy of Science and Technology, National Academy of France, Royal Academy of Spain, Academy of Athens, Greece, Romanian Academy & Academy of Texas. He is the Editor-in-Chief of “Regenerative Biomaterials” (Oxford). He holds a Dipl.Eng. from NTU of Athens (1971), a Sc.D. from MIT (1973) and is the recipient of thirteen honorary doctorates and professorships.