E-Poster Gallery

As part of our 2020 Annual Conference, we invite you to browse the E-Poster Gallery!

This E-Poster Gallery consists of posters selected under the most recent Call for Poster Proposals and includes our Strategic Research Projects 2019, the Exploratory Research Projects 2017, financed under the scope of the UT Austin Portugal Program.

The catalog covers the areas of Advanced Computing, Medical Physics, Nanotechnologies, and Space-Earth Interactions and will be online for the entire duration of the Conference, between October 7 and 8.
  • Conference attendees can click on a title of their interest and see the full poster in detail;
  • Some E-Posters also include an audio presentation by the respective authors providing an in-depth description of the work;
  • Conference attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback and discuss the featured R&D projects through a dedicated virtual chat room. This chat room will be available starting 2 p.m. on October 7 and open until October 8. Click here to create your user account and access the platform.



Graphene-enhanced Electro-Magnetic interference Shielding


A Management Framework for Consolidated Big Data and HPC


Extreme Ultrashort Pulses for Advanced Medical Applications and Diagnostics


Novel metallic NANOparticles on NANOstructured supports for oxyanion CATalytic REDuction in water


Nanomaterials for wearable-based integrated biostimulation


Novel injectable biosensor for continuous remote monitoring of cancer patients at high-risk of relapse


Miniaturized Prototype for Gravity field Assessment using Distributed Earth-orbiting assets

TOF-PET for Proton Therapy (TPPT)

In-beam Time-of-Flight (TOF) Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for proton radiation therapy

MAGAL Constellation

Setting the cornerstone of a future ocean and climate change monitoring constellation, based on radar altimeter data combined with gravity and ocean temperature and salinity measurements


Manufacturing of cutting tools for the 21st century: from nano-scale material design to numerical process simulation


Smart Surfaces for Reliable Tooling Integration


Immersive virtual reality environments to evaluate audience attitudes about science communication projects: a pilot study of deep-sea ecosystems


Modeling and Analysis of Coastal Hydrodynamics and Erosion


Self lubricant coatings for high temperature applications with controlled released of the lubricious agent


ELECTROWetting heat pipes for cooling Applications in Electric Vehicles


Drug delivery nanosystem for HPV infection therapy Nanotechnologies


Unconventional Thermoelectrics Based on Self-Organized Binary Nanocrystal Superlatices


Atmosphere – Ocean – Solid Earth Coupling: Seismic Tools to Explore and Monitor the Oceans


Skeletal Tracking Enhanced with Anatomically Correct Kinematics for Exergames and Rehabilitation