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UT Austin Portugal: A meeting of minds an ocean apart (Ciência 2020)

November 3, 2020 - 14:00 | 15:30 UTC+0

Within the scope of Ciência 2020, the National Science Summit, UT Austin Portugal will held a 90-minute session, on November 3.



Ever since the Age of Discovery, the Portuguese have been known to be fearless people to whom no insurmountable obstacle could hold them back from dreaming and going further.

More than six centuries have passed since the onset of this world-changing age, but the drive for breaking barriers remains a foundational trait of the Portuguese people. In today’s world, Portugal is making its way in new territories – those of knowledge, forging relations with strong overseas partners and emerging as a key science and innovation world player.

The successful joint venture with UT Austin, which started more than a decade ago, is part of the country’s long-term strategy to navigate and master STEM-based research to deliver impactful, transformative innovation on a global scale.

In this 90-minute session, you will get the chance to learn how the international partnership is delivering on its mission through first-person accounts of its beneficiaries and ambassadors.



Title of Presentation:
2.00 p.m. – Rui Oliveira, UT Austin Portugal (Institutional) How far have we come?

Overview of the Program’s achievements since the start of Phase 3

2.05 p.m. – Carla Cruz, UBI (Nanotechnologies) A breakthrough transatlantic project in the area of cancer treatment

(2017 Exploratory Research Project DREAM – Drug delivery nanosysteM for HPV infection therapy)

2.25 p.m. – Dan Stanzione, TAAC, UT Austin & João Barbosa, former mentor at TACC (Advanced Computing) The Advanced Computing Training Program at the Texas Advanced Computing Center
2.45 p.m. – Stefaan Tavernier, Petsys Electronics (Medical Physics) Shaping the future of proton therapy – technological breakthroughs in cancer treatment equipments

(2019 Strategic Research Project TOF-PET for Proton Therapy (TPPT): In-beam Time-of-Flight (TOF) Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for proton radiation therapy)

3.05 p.m. – Tiago Hormigo, Spin.Works (Space-Earth Interactions) Navigating the Space: a new Age of Discovery for the world

(2019 Strategic Research Project uPGRADE -Miniaturized Prototype for GRavity field Assessment using Distributed Earth-orbiting assets)

3.25 p.m. UT Austin Portugal’s elite of industry-driven research projects (video)
3.30 p.m. – José Manuel Mendonça, UT Austin Portugal (Institutional) Final remarks


This year, Ciência 2020 takes place between November 3-4, in a hybrid format, with in-person and online session. This edition aims to promote a wide debate on the main topics and challenges of the national scientific agenda beyond the world of scientific investigation. The main objective of the meeting is to encourage not only participation, but also interaction between researchers, the business sector and the general public.

Ciência 2020 is promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) in collaboration with Ciência Viva – National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture and the Parliamentary Education and Science Commission, and has the institutional support of the Government through the Minister of Science , Technology and Higher Education.



Registration is free and still open. Have full access to the sessions! Visit here to learn more.


November 3, 2020
14:00 | 15:30 UTC+0
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