Space-Earth Interactions

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UT Austin Portugal foresees a new research agenda involving transatlantic and north-south cooperation in complex engineering systems and science towards an integrative approach to space technologies, sea, climate and clean energy.

The program’s agenda on this area will focus on exploiting the potential of integrating spaceborne, airborne, marineborne, along with underwater, data, towards a better understanding of the ocean, including deep sea areas, and its interactions with the earth and the atmosphere, aiming to improve predictive capabilities under climate change scenarios.

This research will be developed together with the installation of the Atlantic International Research Center (AIR Center) which aims at creating a federated network for the management and processing of Atlantic data ranging maritime safety to the identification of biological resources, fisheries, the impact of climate change. 

Area Directors


Luisa Bastos
Area Director in Portugal



Pedro Camanho
Area Director in Portugal



Patrick Heimbach
Area Director in


Research Projects

Mapping of Underwater Soil of the Azores using Sdr based in-sas Ocean Science
Sérgio Cunha 
(FE/UP) and Preston Wilson (UT Austin)

Atmosphere - Ocean - Solid Earth Coupling: Seismic Tools to Explore and Monitor the Oceans
Susana Custódio (Fciências.ID) and Tan Bui (UT Austin)

Modeling and Analysis of Coastal Hydrodynamics and Erosion Mathematics

Juha Videman (IST-ID) and Clint Dawson (UT Austin)

Immersive virtual reality environments to evaluate audience attitudes about science communication projects: a pilot study of deep sea ecosystems

Carla Morais (FCUP/UP) and Lucy Atkinson (UT Austin)